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Natural Skincare Formulation Summer Camp Craft Class 2023 in Orange County


Our summer camp program is a fun and educational way to teach kids (ages 11 & up) about the science of formulation chemistry using natural sustainable ingredients and to teach them the importance to care for their skin with healthy ingredients. The camp will take place over 3 days and is led by an experienced chemist in the natural skin care industry.

During the camp, students will learn about various natural ingredients used in skin care products, such as plant based oils, flower extracts, clays & edible kitchen ingredients,  They will also learn about the benefits of these ingredients and how they can help to keep their skin healthy and vibrant. 

The camp includes hands-on activities such as making their own bars of soap, face masks, scrubs, and lotions. Children will also learn about the proper techniques for applying these products and how to develop a healthy skin care routine.  The students will have the opportunity to make new friends, learn new skills, and develop a deeper appreciation for the natural world.

This year our first natural skincare formulation summer camp sessions in June are 

June 6th-8th from 9:00am-1:00pm. [ 3 spots left ]

June 13th-15th from 9:00am-1:00pm. [ 6 spots open ]

Our tentative schedule is to be making soaps, balms, face masks, deodorant and perfume spray with natural ingredients. The price for this camp is $300 (all materials are included). 

No coupon codes are eligible for this purchase & there are no refunds. 

You can get store credit to purchase products or use the credit for another class.

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