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Pure Organic Unrefined Castor Oil for Brows Conditioning (30ml)

Apply pure organic, unrefined castor oil to give an instant conditioning boost to your eye lashes and brows. You will need to purchase a brow brush to apply. There is no brush included with this product.

How it works

Apply 1-2 drops of oil using a clean mascara brush. Wipe off the excess before lightly brushing along eyebrows. Apply nightly. Do not get inside your eye.  

Why it works
It provides long lasting conditioning effect.

Castor Oil, also known as ricinus oil, is a triglyceride of fatty acids which occurs in the seed of the castor plant, Ricinus communis from India and Brazil. Castor Oil is unique among all fats and oils in that, ricinoleic acid (12-Hydroxyoleic Acid) comprises approximately 90% of its fatty acid composition. Castor Oil is a nontoxic, sustainable ingredient that has excellent emollient properties.

All ingredients
organic unrefined castor oil