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CT Organics All Natural Magnesium Salt Reiki Infused White Sage Lavender Spray Multipurpose

Our Uplifting White Sage Magnesium Salt Spray is formulated to surround you with woody, sweet aroma of Lavender, White Sage and Palo Santo essential oils to purify, deodorize and freshen up the air. That's right!  The magnesium oil base of this all natural spray makes it a very effective deodorizer and air freshener. When directly sprayed on your skin, it can provide your skin with the essential mineral magnesium. You can use it at home, in your car, on your body and on fabric to effectively deodorize and provide aromatherapy for a healthy and calming environment. Our purifying reiki infused Lavender Sage Spray is great on-the-go alternative for smudging sage wherever needed without the smell of the smoke. This healthy spray is free of synthetic fragrance, preservatives or emulsifying polymers.
How it works
Shake before use. Spray as needed. Avoid contact with eyes.


Why it works
The uplifting and smudging characteristics of white sage essential oil mixed with deodorizing ability of magnesium oil results in an effective 100% natural multi purpose spray. 
Key ingredients
magnesium oil

white sage oil

All ingredients
magnesium chloride oil, organic witch hazel, decyl glucoside, lavender essential oil, ethyl alcohol, white sage essential oil, citric acid, palo santos essential oil 

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