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Does human rights violations play a role in the climate change issue?

Does human rights violations play a role in the climate change issue?

If you are worried about climate change and are not talking about world peace as your first concern then you are not taking into consideration the major negative physical and emotional affect that human suffering has on our planet.

Not only war affects our environment and climate in a physical level more than any any cars driving on a freeway but most importantly it creates major emotional stress in our environment especially when the stress is felt by humans as a collective. 

Human suffering has always been part of this world but humans were not always as aware of it. In the last decades social media has made it possible to hear about the best news and the worst news in an instant. Just as the human collective feeling of euphoria and happiness can create positive energy around the globe, the collective feeling of sadness and anger can have negative affect on everyones mood, energy and environment. 

In general the feeling of sadness always lasts much longer. No matter how happy you are, the moment you hear something sad, the happiness if gone. But when you are sad, you need a lot more good news to come out of your state of sadness. 

Why is it that the sadness and stress humans feel as a nation not considered bad for our planet and climate?

Why is it that it is only thought "climate change is causing people to be depressed and worried"?

How about thinking of it in another way. 

I believe everything around us vibrates at its own frequency and the frequency created by the negative energy as the result of collective sadness and stress can affect our climate to change more rapidly.

I am thankful to the informative aspect of social media which has made me aware of how much cruelty and human suffering is caused by governments around the world. All you have to do is go to to see how many people are petitioning for children not to get killed by their governments.

Making environmental changes and policies without addressing the human rights violations issue is like shoveling snow with a spoon.

We need to have effective international laws in place that make sure no government can hurt their citizens, no matter where in the world. For any government to exist it has to follow a universal constitution that protects basic human rights. 

Are we really just suppose to wait for years for Taliban to stop stone killing their people or do we have to wait around and watch dictators in Iran, Russia, North Korea and Africa use their citizens as human pawns to stay in power. And how about the powerful western countries in the background that encourage wars and pay for weapons and then hold conferences about climate change. Hypocrisy much? 

We people of this world need true transparency from our governments to reach world peace. Politician continue to play their roles and very few make effective decisions that help humanity. The game of politics does not work anymore. Us humans are awake, informed and want to make positive changes. 

We need to get LOUD and ask our governments to chase WORLD PEACE instead of war. Countries can not ignore human right violations when dealing with each other. They way a government treats its people should be taken to account when dealing with foreign policy issues.

Human suffering has ripple effect that is contagious. The cause of man made human suffering needs to to be stopped before we temp to control mother nature.

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